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Massage therapy times are actual, "on the table" times, and rates include any type of massage therapy that we offer as well as any of the following additions as desired: aromatherapy, topical use of essential oils, heated rice bags, emf protected heating pad, self-care/wellness coaching, refreshing peppermint water, ginger chews, and all in an effort to create a wonderful, high-quality healing environment and massage therapy experience. As always, if you ever have any questions or concerns, please ask!

Regular Rates

(Cash, Local Checks, Credit Cards, Venmo, HSA Cards, and Glenwood Gold Accepted)


$150/90 minutes

*Hemp CBD enhanced treatment add-on*

$15 Add On: Use of Hemp CBD massage oil (from Susan's CBD) plus a layering effect of the Hemp CBD healing and pain relieving salve on up to 3 focused areas

Why choose a Hemp CBD Massage Add On?

Hemp CBD Targets Pain

Reduces Inflammation

Promotes Calmness and Well Being


(valid for 6 months and can be shared between you and your family members)

$500 for 5-60 minute sessions (savings of $50)

$700 for 5-90 minute sessions (savings of $50)

Loyalty Membership Program

(Monthly massage commitment, recurring billing, priority scheduling, discounts on essential oils, and gift certificates at membership rates).

One time $29 registration fee


$135/90 minutes

*$10 CDB add-on*

*Are you a public school teacher? Veteran? Retired senior over 65? Ask about a discount!*

*Consider using your HSA to pay for your session*

**Gift Certificates Are Available**


Barnes and Haycock Professional Building

202 8th Street, Suite 2

Glenwood Springs, CO 81601

P: 970-618-8334


Call for Your Appointment Today!!

P: 970-618-8334

Client Testimonials

“I have been seeing Alana for some years now for therapeutic massage. She takes time at the beginning of each session to follow up on my previous visit and to find out about any current concerns. Alana has a great approach to treating me as a “w hole” person – mind, spirit, emotions and body – knowing that they are all interconnected. She had great tips on how I can work on any problem areas as well as helping me be more aware of what I am eating/drinking. She is very professional with how she works on my body and I have always felt a great respect from her. I also like that she works in conjunction with Gail Chapman Hunt (Chiropractor) so that between them they are able to come up with the best approach for me. I have recommended Alana to many work colleagues and friends because I think she is an excellent massage therapist."

-Annie Stephens, Glenwood Springs, CO


“Alana gives a powerful massage. Her extensive knowledge combined with an intuitive sense of how to care for people makes her one of the best massage therapists in the valley. She walks her talk about self-care and just being in her presence makes me feel better (before I even get on the table!)” -Merrily T., Paonia, CO 


"Alana does a wonderful deep tissue massage! I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in getting a massage in the Glenwood area!"

-Ali Boehm, Nationally Certified Massage Therapist, Steamboat Springs, CO


"Alana uses her vast depth and breadth of knowledge, intuition, and experience when working with clients, treating both the problem and the person. When I suffered from a pinched nerve, Alana listened and offered both emotional support and therapeutic relief. Her generosity of spirit and positive energy are powerful medicine. I cannot recommend Alana enthusiastically enough."

-Laura Hardman, Glenwood Springs, CO


“Alana is a great massage therapist with knowledge of various techniques. I went to her during and after my pregnancy, and she helped me tremendously!!” -Maggie C., Glenwood Springs, CO


 “I have had several excellent massages from Alana. She has a gentle and intuitive touch, while also able to provide deep tissue work and relaxation. Her massages are both integrated and personalized. I will definitely be booking again soon.”

-Meredith K., Certified Massage Therapist, Glenwood Springs, CO


“I confidently recommend Alana! I am something of an accidental massage connoisseur, as I have worked with many people in trying to resolve injuries. Alana's massages are enjoyable and relaxing, but also technical enough to assist in healing and recovery. She does not waste anytime, but uses each movement to a very effective purpose.”

-Lacey G., Fort Collins, CO


"Alana is a wonderfully skilled massage therapist with a sincere and deep desire to help her clients. She offers a wide array of amazing massage services which enable her to successfully meet your specific needs. Alana has a positive and friendly energy and I always leave her office feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and happy."

-Ashley W., Carbondale, CO

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